hi-a-tus [hahy-ey-tuhs]

4 12 2012


“irresponsible” adulthood

26 02 2009


FREE tickets + last-minute-babysitter – 2 a.m. assignment crunch = irresponsible adulthood

adulthood = married night out
irresponsible = FUN night out

Therefore:  irresponsible adulthood = FUN night out * married night out = (FUN + married ) night out

Conclusion: Mavs won…I’m tired…g’night 🙂

new yorker??

19 02 2009

I had a rather chatty fella call me today at work. He called to give me some information so I could set up an account for him for one of our web tools. Anyway, he is in chicago and knows the company is in texas, so he brought up the weather. A good topic for today since it was sunny and in the mid 70’s!! As we were talking, he asked where I was from, noting that I could not be from texas due to the lack of southern drawl. He took a stab at locating my home state…that in itself tells you how wrong he was…can you guess his choice (hint: read the post title)? Yup…he thought I was a yank! Okay, I don’t really take exception to the choice, but had to keep from laughing. I hope he just hasn’t spoken with anyone from new york recently…I’m pretty sure they might take exception to someone thinking that I speak like them 🙂

3 04 2008