hi-a-tus [hahy-ey-tuhs]

4 12 2012


actually writing something!

22 03 2012

so the problem with me and the blog is that i have plenty of ideas that flit across my mind in the normal routine of life…but i can’t just throw those into a blog post. no. i have to think about them, write a little bit, be unhappy with how incomplete the thoughts are, wrestle with the perfect way to say everything, make sure i think about the thoughts from all possible angles to make sure i cover every basis, grow tired with the laboriousness of sharing a few simple thoughts, give up. and that is how months and months go by with no new blog posts. hmmm. bummer.

that’s it. i’m done. (look, i did it!)

friday dilemma

29 04 2011

to donut

or to granola?


15 04 2011

Luke 'n George then

Luke 'n George now





it happened…

15 01 2011

I was riding down in the elevator on my way home on friday and caught a glance of myself in the mirror…

…it’s happened. maybe it’s because i hit 3-0. i don’t know…but i realized that i have turned in to a “business professional.”



13 01 2011

one of the absolutely fascinating things about having kids is watching them develop. for me it is not so much the “milestones” that are reached as it is the unpredictability of what comes next…what is the next thing they will learn or discover. i didn’t notice it at first, but luke has a budding imagination. he is stepping through the doorway from concrete to abstract, and it is awesome and a privilege to experience it with him! tonight i walked past his room and heard him carrying on a dialogue as his 18 wheeler truck careened off the play table to the carpeted cavern below. several sports cars were damaged, but the truck survived just fine 🙂 it was inspiring…so much so that i stopped reading early tonight and just sat, letting my mind wander, slipping out into the fields of imaginarium…

it is worth it if you have a few minutes you can spare!

need to do some updating…

10 12 2010

yeah, yeah…I need to do some updating and I obviously thought that would happen 2 months ago (*sigh*).

anyway, that’s for another day. so, the past 2 days confirmed something: I may be an introvert…I may enjoy some alone time, at least some quiet time…but those times are elective and not while sitting in a restaurant or cafe or hotel. so I’m on the “road” as a businessman for 2 days and it seems that wherever I go there are very few people. right now I am sitting in Panera’s and the only people here are the staff! how is that?!? where are the people? it is so empty that they are cleaning the floors and tables and such. hah! anyway, I intentionally pushed myself to be outgoing and talk with complete strangers on this trip cause I’m flying solo…the only problem is there have been next to no strangers around to even talk with!

I guess it hasn’t all been bad…I got upgraded on my rental car to a new F150…I like trucks 🙂

well, i’ll just be sitting here in Panera’s with absolutely no other customers waiting on my plane…can’t wait to get home to mere!!