things u wish u knew…

25 04 2012

the problem with things you don’t know is you don’t know you don’t know them. bummer, huh? i find it extremely helpful to position myself around people who are at various stages further down the road than I am. for instance, i find that person who is miles down the road from me. this person usually has the stability and ability to look back and synthesize life lessons/principles. this can be for all areas of life…ministry, family, marriage, personal, etc. then there is that person who is in the trenches with me. i find great comfort and encouragement to know i am not in this (whatever “this” may be) by myself.¬†an oft over-looked resource, however, is the person who is only 2-3 steps ahead of you. this person is less able to look back and synthesize life principles/lessons, but he or she is close enough to the action to say “watch out!!!!!! you really don’t want to do that.”there is an immediacy to their input, but the cautions & encouragement can be for things that will greatly alter the long-term direction. another pastor is writing a blog series entitled “Church Planting Things I Wish They’d Told Me.” it is a great series and I greatly appreciate his insights. even if you aren’t a church planter, it’s worth checking out this piece as he quotes from Michael Bell on church size and numbers. quite interesting!